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    NXFAO?Facilitates?Pragmatic?Cooperation between Ningxia?and Malaysia ?

    On March 8, Ningxia?Foreign Affairs Office, Ningxia?Culture and Tourism Department, and?Starshinco (Ningxia)?Supply Chain Management Co.,?Ltd.,?held an online meeting with?the Association of Belt and Road?Malaysia?(the Association). The participants had in-depth exchanges on leveraging complementary advantages and promoting cooperation in relevant fields.

    Introduced in the meeting were?the latest achievements of Ningxias economic and social development, in particular the development of the nine key industries, and?the competitive edges?and operation?mode?of Ningxia E-Foreign Trade, the digital trading?platform?of Ningxia. The Malaysian participants took great interest in these. Ng Yi Sheng, Vice President of the Association, is engaged in the logistics industry. He?expressed his willingness to assist Malaysian enterprises in procuring?products of Ningxia through his?warehouses in Guangzhou and Yiwu. Neo Chee Hua, Secretary-General of the Association, who works with?think tanks, suggested?that?cultural and tourism resources should be integrated into the cooperation between the two sides in commerce and comprehensive health,?creating?distinctive “culture and tourism + ” brands. The Association’s CFO Tiew Mei Yi, who is engaged?in e-commerce, pointed out that as?the Malaysians spend an average of four?hours per day shopping online?amid?the Covid-19 pandemic,?the?e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce are embracing significant?development opportunities. Lim Soon Hooi,?Deputy Secretary-General of the Association, who specializes?in the comprehensive?health industry, took a shine to?traditional Chinese medicine herbs?and clearly expressed his willingness to procure Ningxia’s goji berry, wild jujube?and other specialty products widely?recognized in Malaysia. Teow Jenn Yang, Deputy Secretary-General of the Association?and an expert in exhibition services,?stood ready to organize Malaysian businessmen to join in exhibitions or meetings held in Ningxia.

    The Association?is a non-governmental?organization committed to promoting Malaysia-China friendship and China-ASEAN cooperation.?It maintains?close?ties?with the governments, business associations, business?circles, academic communities?and media of both countries. This online?meeting represents?a concrete?measure of Ningxia?Foreign Affairs Office?to promote the?cloud foreign affairsand serve?the exchanges?and cooperation between Ningxia and Malaysia.?The two sides agreed to upgrade pragmatic cooperation in multiple fields by stepping up communication and staging targeted and pragmatic exchange events with a focus on culture and?tourism, cross-border e-commerce,?comprehensive?health, higher education,?interaction between international friendship cities, etc.