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    Yinchuan No. 21 Primary School and Shimane University Elementary School Exchange Videos for Cultural Communication

    Yinchuan No.?21 Primary School and Shimane University Elementary School recently exchanged recorded videos, unveiling a novel event for cultural communication. The second such interaction since last year, the event is a part of the people-to-people exchange program underpinned by the friendly relations between Ningxia and Shimane and facilitated by Ningxia Foreign Affairs Office.

    With the theme of enhancing understanding and deepening friendship, the event aimed?at showcasing the daily life of the pupils in Ningxia and Shimane from various perspectives, enabling them to learn from each other and be involved in each others growth. Based on the first online communication, pupils from Yinchuan No.?21 Primary School included in their videos the colorful winter vacation life, joyful spring festival celebrations, time-honored cultural relics, neat townscape and a variety of local specialty food, which impressed?students from Shimane greatly. Students from Shimane University Elementary School introduced their campus life and local specialty food in Shimane?despite the impact of COVID-19. They also extended their best wishes for the Yinchuan students and sent out invitations in Chinese and English.

    This event consolidated?the ties between the two schools and sowed the seeds of friendship in the hearts of the students, which will flourish as nurtured by the two sides?foreign affairs and educational authorities and further enrich the friendly?relations between Ningxia and Shimane.